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Your espadrilles store in the center of Pamplona

All our espadrilles are sewn by hand from natural, ecological and biodegradable materials such as jute, leather and cotton.

We are in Estafeta Street, the most international and festive in the world, just two meters from the famous curve of the encierro. Come and discover our wide variety of espadrilles: classic, modern, and of course sanfermineras too!

Thousand of colors! Vivid colors. Cheerful. Marine stripes and multicolored. Sober tones. Original prints. Espadrilles with or without embroidery.

100% handmade espadrilles

We believe in handmade products.
Everything you will find in our store is 100% handmade.

It is increasingly difficult to find handcrafted items. If this continues, manual jobs will end up disappearing and we will lose products with so many years of tradition.

Join us and do not stop buying or giving away handmade products.

Sample Heading

Our “Sanfermineras” espadrilles are made one by one in a
small workshop in Irún, with an ancient tradition of manufacturing espadrilles.

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